The surface-mount pressure dependent capacitance PE1.3N/PE8.0T-3.0SQ has two sensor terminals and can be treated electrically as a ceramic SMD capacitor. All commercial integrated solutions for capacitive sensor interfacing are applicable. Additionally, discrete circuits can be designed with a very low component count suitable for pressure switches and low accuracy measurement systems (the achievable resolution is approximately 10 mbar). The sensors interfacing is further simplified in cases when a micro-controller is already present within the application. Some possible readout strategies in combination with a micro-controller are:

RC decay time measurement offers the lowest accuracy but fast detection, requires one additional resistor
switched capacitor circuits are highly accurate for small capacitances, require one additional capacitor
osciallator frequency measurement can be accomplished in many ways, one possible digital implementation requires three inverters and two resistors
integration time measurement offers improved accuracy over RC decay rating, requires one additional operational amplifier and two resistors


Recommended operation PE1.3N/PE8.0T-3.0SQ

Please contact microFAB Bremen for development support.micro-controller evaluation systems can be provided.

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