Pressure sensor Die E1.3N

Sensor Functionality E1.3N

The sensor is designed as a surface micromachined plate capacitor array with deformable pressure sensitive membranes on top of insulated counter electrodes. This dielectric insulation allows the sensor to be operational in normal- and touch-mode. During normal operation the membrane deflects freely and does not touch the rigid counter electrode. If pressure is increased the membranes sink down, touch the counter electrodes and roll out as pressure further increases. In touch-mode membrane stress does not increase significantly and as consequence the sensor can withstand very high overpressures with no damage. E1.3N operates in normal-mode and is the best choice if the need for high accuracy and a very small hysteresis outranks larger thermal coefficients and more demanding packaging. An operation in touch-down should be considered if the target application requires a sensor device that is less sensitive to packaging stress for larger temperature and pressure ranges at a reduced accuracy (please contact microfab for possible sensor options).


Datasheet E1.3N

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