Thin film sputtering

Sputtering and Evaporation

Sputtering and evaporation are both physical vapor deposition techniques used at microFAB to form metal and compound/alloy thin fims on 100 and 150mm wafer substrates. Two sputter systems (MRC P643 batch coater and a Balzers-Ardenne twin-chamber) are installed and mainly used for deposition of thin metal films for interconnection lines and plating bases.

The following metals are currently available:
Al, NiV7, WiTi10, Au, Pt, Cu, Ti, Cr, Ta

Sputtering of dielectric materials is also possible on the Balzers/Ardenne system by using an rf-source instead of the standard magnetron source. Further, reactive sputtering can be applied for deposition of compound materials such as TiO2, TiN or AlN.

A Leybold electron beam evaporation system is used for cold growth of ultrathin metal layers on various substrate types

Balzers Ardenne twin chamber

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